Non fiction

Issue #9

Special Guest: Memoir

Tom Stoker, ‘My Brain Tumour and Me

Interview with…

Joseph Smith
Interviewed by Sophie Hawker, Sophie Chad, Stephanie Tew and Sophie Tuhey

Non-fiction prose

Thibault Blancot, ‘One Step Forward

Anne Breckner, ‘Realist or Pessimist?

Nicholas Cadet, ‘Fuck it, 40%’, ‘Untitled

Matthew Cheeseman, ‘The Heart, The Centre

Christophe Delgard, ‘Again?’, ‘Obstacles to the Dream

Ana Garcia Jara, ‘Looking for a job

Britta Gerards, ‘One Party, Two Nights Out

Verena Kroepfl, ‘Finally Freedom?

Alexis Machine, ‘Tundra

Jesus Martinez, ‘Untitled’, ‘Logbook of a condom

Chika Mukai, ‘The Line’, ‘Obsession’, ‘A feeling of frustration

Haley Norton, ‘Uncontrollable Trend

Ai Nozaki, ‘A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Zoe Powell, ‘Anomaly

Amber Regis, ‘Big Dog

Elisabeth Sanchez Adame, ‘First Impressions

Sonja Schneiderbanger, ‘Catching up with an old friend’, ‘Time to wake up...’, ‘The change of seasons

Rebeca Sebastia, ‘Exercise

Rebecca Solomon, ‘You’re not allowed to play with trumpets

Shirin Teifouri, ‘Harold Pinter and Dr M.

Andrew Tildesley, ‘Jimmy Savile was a paedophile

Iiris Valtonen, ‘Rite of Passage

Sabina Wantoch, ‘Riot Piece

Michael Zaterini, ‘Hi, my name is Wael


Matt Cheeseman

Andrew Tildesley

Sabina Wantoch