Issue #13

Ben Allen - Foxgloves

Chad Bentley - Storm on Norbreck Prom / Still

Simon Broomhead - Two minutes

Sam Buchan-Watts - The tunnel

Joe Caldwell - Moving / The best part of the afternoon

Grace Cohen - 3,943 / bellum se ipsum alet / Chrysalis

Mara-Daria Cojocaru - Nighthoney / Rumination

Frederick Coombes - Hiraeth

John Darley - Live-birth

Kristina Diprose - Park Hill valentine

Jenny Donnison - Jamón Ibérico de Bellota / To be a heron

Peter S Dorey - Cityscript

Veronica Fibisan - South of site

Jack Field - The cloud / The shampoo bottle / The traffic lights

Pete Green - Night walk by the River Don / The astronomer's wife

Ali Hayward - Nada más

Jenny Hockey - A granular particle

Gary Hughes - What went well

Aidan Jenner - Thoughts on a waterway

Maria Kardel - That night you saw the fox by the cot

Semsinur Kaya - Aleppo boy

Samuel Kendall - Everything not saved will be lost / Sis

Amy Kinsman - Blanche Heriot (out after curfew) / Necessity

James Lewis - Tesseract

Alex Marsh - Three fragments from the Symposium

Will Mason - Ronseal

Catriona McLean - Autumn / Reap / Travelling

Eleanor Murphy - The bear pit

James O'Sullivan - Galaxies

Charlie John Pashley - A lover’s plea?

Adam Piette - Only simplify

Harper S - looking out over

Aaron Saint John - After the eclipse

Katie Rose Smart - Dating / Not quite midnight

Bryn Tales - Curation texts

Shirin Teifouri - This side of the city

David Troupes - The Arkaquah trail / The lower lake

Joe Vaughan - How to find your way in the dark

Evie Wilson - Men in sheds / Ockham’s razors / The Split-Palm Steeple: A Confession

Margot Wilson - Faulkner’s private eye / Rousseau and his minds

Dominic Zugai - Por la tarde—Choluteca