Issue #4

2007-08 Ian McKillop Sonnet Prize: Sylvia Kruiniger, Rachel Haigh, Daniel Frank  

Michael Bates, Chilly Chilli

Simon Brown, Pigeon

Ben Cartwright, In the Silence of Snow

Marjorie Cheung, Your Jumper

Alicia Clow, Washed-up and April Showers

Owen Cogan, Commentary

Catherine Dickinson, Fixing the Tracks

Anna Dougherty, Potting

Ashley Doherty, Smeared Black Ink

Eliot Halt, Her Birthday Walk

Kirsten Harris, Circa

Maria Kardel, The Migrant Song, Easter Sunday, The Poet's Body, Grandma, Magnolias, Creation of Adam, A drowning hawk, Poetry in translation

Robert Neumark Jones, Fire, foremostly

Sam Newton, Push a Pen

Sam Packer, 'A torch'

Amy Palmer, Discarded

Sarah Tapscott, Glaswegian Dollars

Sarah Thomasin, The Robin Man

Stacey Wadsworth, Narcissus in the grocery aisle


Kayombo Chingonyi

Kate Buckwell 

Sophie Davies 

Emlyn Roberts

Staff editor: Neil Roberts