Issue #4

No Small Parts: A performance inspired by Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan

Words on Wilde: Frances Babbage, Rob Neumark-Jones and Lauren Williams

MP3 audio files of student monologues

Sam Brown, School Trips! (MP3, 2.4MB)

Lara Williams, When I was young (MP3, 2.8MB)

Jacqueline McHugh, Mornings are nothing but trouble (MP3, 2.9MB)

Emma Geeson, Come Closer, Comrade! (MP3, 2.7MB)

Clare Richmond, Sum Myself Up in Ten Words? (MP3, 3.4MB)

Claire Gamble, I Should Have Known (MP3, 2.6MB)

Caitlin Hughes, He'll be here in a minute, my husband (MP3, 3.3MB)

Amy Kingsley, Hey You! (MP3, 3MB)

Bethany Whittingham, Ladies? Could I Have Your Attention, Please? (MP3, 2.8MB)


Frances Gray (Staff)