Issue #3

Issue 02 - 2007 Summer

Welcome to Route 57, the University of Sheffield's School of English online writing magazine, a literary journal where students can read and publish innovative poetry, fiction, short plays or scripts, and literary non-fiction of the highest quality.

Voila! This is Route 57's third issue, and the biggest and most adventurous yet. As well as continuing to publish the most accomplished and talented written pieces of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and drama by the University of Sheffield's English students and alumni, this issue also takes the electronic bull by the horns. Several submissions explore the scope and possibilities of sound and image in an online magazine and it is hoped that we will continue to test the electronic format in the fourth issue, to be released next year.

Many thanks to the staff and student editorial teams who collected and edited the submissions for the current issue. Thank you to all who submitted work and to all who have worked so hard to get the issue together. A special thanks to Andrea Nagel and Tom Szekeres who designed the journal, and to CILASS for funding the whole project.