Issue #10

Ryan Bramley - Barnsley Sonnets

Caroline Butler - On Selling Up the Family Home, The Exorcist, Which One Am I?

Tamsin Connor - Albert, Cross Collar Choke, 350 on 5th, Phonebox

Lindsey Coombs - The Primary Colours

Beth Davyson - Doctors, April, Person

Jenny Donnison - Sarcophagus of the Spouses, Etruscan, sixth-century BC, The beekeepers, Pantheon, Chinese Diagnostic Doll

Benjamin Dorey - Chameleons

Alex Drobniewski - Seven Hills, Altars

Laura Fensterheim - Helen, Salvaging, Patchwork

Veronica Fibisan - Beliş Church, Pond Skaters, Shoreline

Samantha Fielding - Exercise in Berlin, 2012

Thom Flint - The Morning’s Longer, Thick Breath’d Morning, I Think I Could Be Happy There

Harry Ellis Grewal - Havana

Isabelle Grimshaw - A crooked smile to keep, Something faded red

Lewis Haubus - Sound of Departure, Krampfer Jumpers, Service Records, To Sound

Gary Hughes - Janus, medea

Joshua Lingard - Planetarium, What They Didn’t Know

Alexander Marsh - Lilith

Catriona McLean - Curiosity, The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene, Ma Mère L’Oie and One Brother Grimm, Fidelity of the Albatross

Rosanna Milburn - Phases

Helen Monks - Kept in Cupboards

Helen Mort - Decorator, Slack Hill

Colombine Neal - Le Clauzel, My First Mourning, Papa

Emily Reed - Relic

Karl Riordan - Segs, Joey

Lucy Smith - Drought

Shirin Teifouri - Nomadic Kitchens, A Map in Sheffield

James Throup - Driver

Daniel Turner - The Old Men, graveside, Photon

Jessi Walton - Let's Talk About the Weather


Agnes Lehoczky

Ben Dorey

Vera Fibisan

Thom Flint

Joshua Lingard

Catriona McLean

Colombine Neal