Issue #10


I have slipped between your α  

and your Ω, there is no way to cripple me. 

I cannot be destroyed, only converted, 

so pull me apart, codify me anew, and send me out 

to the world, they will gaze upon me with awe. 

Thought-fuck your Aphrodite on the  

other side of the planet, there are no 

jungles or oceans between you and her, only 

miles of cold, shining cable full of detritus  

for me to weave through, miles upon miles upon 

lightseconds of void I will blaze through 

to sear plasma into phosphorescent shadows. 

I gush down optical nerve-streams 

unchecked. When your eyes are glazed-over, pallid, 

they will drink me in.

Daniel Turner

© 2014