Non fiction

Issue #7

Studying in Britain

        - compiled by Matthew Cheesman 

1        Autobiographical            

1.1     ‘You want to talk, ok let’s talk’ by Angelique Grondin

1.2     British Nerd Version by Cathy Ramin      

1.3     Theatre of Dreams by Maria Ciurana Cataluna      

1.4     Negative/Positive by Kristel Laserna Manzanedo      

1.5     Hi Cris by Mar Benavent Marti      

1.6     Everything has surprised me by Mar Benavent Marti      

1.7     3 a.m. by Florence Robert      

1.8     This room is so hot by Lorena Levy Ballester      

1.9     My mobile phone by Gloria Garcia Gonzalez      

1.10     Surrealistic nights by David Ibanez Salinas     

1.11     Arturo’s Bus by David Ibanez Salinas     

1.12     Today is Saturday by Chad Mansoor     

1.13     Drunky nights by David Ibanez Salinas     

1.14     A new experience by Maria Ciurana Cataluna     

1.15     New habits by Anonymous      

1.16     Shiny skin head by Satsuki Ii      

1.17     A supermarket guy by Soyoung Park      

1.18     Parallel Life by Lucía Vega Granados      

1.19     Social Network Debut by Jesus Herreros Lapiedra      

1.20     Cultural Shock Vignettes by Jesus Herreros Lapiedra      

1.21     Beer before flowers by Satsuki Ii      

2        Rewriting Freshers (2003)            

2.1     Freshers, Page 39-40 by Cathy Ramin      

2.2     How can I love such a jerk? by Florence Robert      

2.3     Rewriting of page 109-110 by Chad Mansoor      

2.4     ‘Know how they give themselves away?’ by Angelique Grondin      

2.5     Freshers (page 110) by Lucía Vega Granados      

3        Voicing the other           

3.1     Taylor by Cathy Ramin      

3.2     Ladies, Bar One by Francy Diehl      

3.3     31 by Lucía Vega Granados      

3.4     The Journey by Bibiana Suarez Prendes      

3.5     Hey Holly! by Florence Robert      

3.6     Carlsberg by Kristel Laserna Manzanedo      

3.7     Victor by Kristel Laserna Manzanedo      

3.8     Like a terrorist by Lorena Levy Ballester      

3.9     Collecting berries or haunting ladybirds by Carla Fontela Gonzalez.      

3.10     Today is Monday by Chad Mansoor      

3.11     Erasmus party by Mar Benavent Marti      

3.12     A bad day by Gloria Garcia Gonzalez      

3.13     Surprise by Maria Ciurana Cataluna      

3.14     Dear Thomas by Soyoung Park      

3.15     Erasmus people by Anonymous      

3.16     'During the lecture' by Satsuki Ii      

3.17     Party night by Soyoung Park      

3.18     On Year Long Students by Jesus Herreros Lapiedra      

3.19     IC Story by Angelique Grondin      

3.20     Freaking cold and miniskirts by Satsuki Ii      

4        Saying goodbye            

4.1     'My story' by David Ibanez Salinas      

4.2     Farewell to Lost Two Months by  Jiha Kim      

4.3     A pink ticket and a photo by Florence Robert      

4.4     And that was all! by Maria Ciurana Cataluna      

4.5     My daughter by Gloria Garcia Gonzalez      

4.6     Julia and Charlotte by Cathy Ramin      

4.7     Goodbye by Lucía Vega Granados      

4.8     Another Goodbye by Francy Diehl      

4.9     Saying Goodbye by Lorena Levy Ballester      

4.10     Thoughts by Anonymous      

4.11     No tattoos by Satsuki Il