Issue #9

Lucy Amos, Cuttlebone

Alexandra Bayles, Cairo, 1939

Michelle Cardwell, maternal flame / Stinking Iris

Lauren Cooper, The Tiger Who Came For Me

Russell Dobson, there is coffee

Jenny Donnison, Grave, Feeding and Care of Baby

Veronica Fibisan, Morana Proxima, Ebenezer Street School

Laura Fensterheim, Medication

Charlotte Grainger, Belle, Embrace, The Boat Ride

Isabelle Grimshaw, Nettles

Lewis Haubus, Butterflyshape, Elderly Joggers

Helen Mort, Afternoon Nap, The Party

Colombine Neal, Plastic dad

Hannah O’Brien, The Second Little Pig: A Posthumous Reflection

Tim Plant, The New Science Curriculum - Chapter 11 Crypto-Oceanography

Zoe Powell, Poem

John Quicke, Deconstruction, Josh and Judy, Research

Karl Riordan, Little Joe, Fourteen Powell Street, Three Corners of China, His Master’s Voice

Jonathan Shiel, Books

Lucy Smith, Rumours

Natasha Sorrell, non-anaesthetised cardiacus amputation

Shirin Teifouri, Aphasia in Jessop West café

Ben Taylor, Crawdaddies

Polly Wheeler, Totem


Agnes Lehoczky

Alice Gribbin

Veronica Fibisan

Lewis Haubus

Caroline Butler

Ben Dorey