Issue #8

Special feature: Wordwards, edited by Adam Piette and Agnes Lehoczky, part of PlastiCities project ['Psyche and the City'].

An online edition of Ebenezer Elliott's poems featuring Sheffield and Environs, edited by Agnes Lehoczky and Adam Piette, with a preface by Alan Halsey.

Alexandra Bayles, Expurgation

Jack Browne, Wet Pavement

Mary L. Carr, Perfect Timing, Mangoes

Sarah Crewe, Winona in Pink, tunnels-hills-sheffield, bad news girl on northern rail, in crayon

Greer Dewdney, God's Own Country

Jenny Donnison, Lyme Regis, Rena

Charlotte Elmore, Blind Faith, Just Listen, Christmas

Veronica Fibisan, Hydra

Abigail Flint, Wild Game

Lewis Haubus, Sirens 1 and 2, Threads, Leaves Or Breath

Gary J Hughes, Bear Fails, poziomki, Alveolar Trill

Maria Kardel, Road Rage

Emily Langton, Half Bound

Faye Lipson, Portrait

Andrew Myers, Ennui, Connecting

Hannah O’Brien, The Green Man, Velcro, BlankThe Voice of Self Checkout Number 10

Sam Rae, dry spell

Karl Riordan, Finsbury Park, When Summer Came, Setting Fire

Carol Robson, Who Am I?

Jessica Shore, Stockport Connection

Sherrie Talgeri, pushing the envelope

Daniel Turner, Sleeping Swimmers

Kathryn Waters, mourning and missed


Agnes Lehoczky

Gary Hughes

Faye Lipson

Sam Rae

Veronica Fibisan

Jenny Donnison

Lewis Haubus

Karl Riordan