Issue #6

Special Guest Contributor, Alan Halsey: In White Writing

Joseph Binks: Video

Matthew Cheeseman: excerpt from field notes

John Clark: Joycean Afterbirth, Baghdad Bride

Bryn Farnsworth: All is for the Best in the Best of all Possible Worlds

Alex Fleetwood: that look that I don't yet understand, The Jar Stain

Lyndsey Hannam: Breathe Eat Sleep, Anger

Maria Kardel: On a train with an electric eel

Alasdair Menmuir: The Crowd

Becs Mitchell: Let's See It Then

Tanika Stewart: Plum Brandy and Top-Hats

Hypertext project by Charmaine Greaves and Laura Stockton: Meadowhell (PPT, 13.6MB)

Hypertext project by Hazel Tanner and Rebecca Harris: Art Gallery (PPT, 11.1MB)

Hypertext project by Michael Hallam: Why do you do it (PPT, 5.6MB)


Hazel Tanner

Amris Kaur

Lyndsey Hannam

Alex Fleetwood

Alasdair Menmuir