Issue #6

In White Writing

Alan Halsey lives and works in Sheffield. He composes poetry and experimental work, and continues to exhibit and read in Yorkshire, the North-West and elsewhere. Having founded West House Books in 1994, Alan, together with his wife and fellow poet Geraldine Monk, publishes contemporary poetry and poetry-related work (website: westhousebooks.co.uk/index.asp).

We are honoured to present a selection of Alan’s text-graphic work from his ongoing project In White Writing. This experimental work-in-progress bears comparison with the earlier Memory Screen, an ‘impossible book’ exhibited at the Bury Text Festival in 2005.

In Alan’s own words, In White Writing remains open-ended: ‘It may turn out to be a narrative visual poem or a graphic novella. Perhaps it’s a journal recording life lived on paper, an improvisation on the daily detritus, collaged and scribbled over, scanned and redrawn’. It thus offers the reader a multitude of possible interpretations, and we hope you enjoy them.

Alan Halsey