Issue #6

The Jar Stain

we sit and I watch you

pour the remains of the vodka away

and watch it drain in magnificent swirls down

and now gone it's part of what began this and ruined it

but remember that time I painted circles on your bare chest

and scratched ugly verse into your eyes so I could stop everyone

else from ever seeing into them like I did even if I only saw them once

above you before watching you pull up your tattered tights and wipe the

lipstick from your bitter bleeding mouth and before I let you take it my heart

and thrust it into an empty jar now filled with vodka to soak up all of my regrets

and my contempt in that fragile safe to remind you of the time I cursed your gaze

so in revenge you took me in your hands and wrapped me tightly in elastic and you

promised to share it with everyone selling me to the sinners and the righteous souls

and the ugly and the beautiful to show me just how it feels to be cracked and broken

to be endlessly  running barely a  whisper behind yourself scraping your naked ankles

with your teeth gnawing  on the rusted bit of your unfaltering chase and now blinded

you'll sit every day in the middle of some bridge offering the pieces of my toxic heart

to a world of faces that can't even bear to raise their head to look at you anymore

since I spoiled you and I've destroyed what made you compelling to them since

you stole me and you've sold or given or discarded me entirely so that there

is nothing left for either of us anymore so can we sprint back to very start

to the beginning where I held myself above you painting those circles

back to before the scratching and the stealing and before the jar

just pour the rest of that wretched drink down the sink and

we'll watch all of our regrets and our mistakes we'll

watch it all wash away in swirling circles

and then we can start again

Alex Fleetwood

Alex Fleetwood is an English and Philosophy student who enjoys attempting to make things out of words which other people might find pleasant to read or hear.