Issue #6

Let's See It Then

Let’s see it then, Jen.

Nah, it’s no good.

Oh c’mon, I bet it looks well good.

No really, it’s too tight. I look preggers.

You won’t. Just come out already won’t ya?


WOAH. When’s it due?


OK, sorry, totally kidding, sorry.

You’re right though. Oh no, don’t cry!  I was KIDDING. It’s
fine, it’s not you, its the dress, it sticks out all funny.

Shut UP Stace. God. Pass me the sparkly one, will ya?


Oh GOD, it’s hideous.                  Noooooooooooooo

I look like a slag!  Like anyone would wear this out!

Hang on, lemme see it…

Nah, it’s all clingy.


           I dunno it just doesn’t feel right.

   It’s not, honest. It looks well nice. Jen, come ON. Here, let me in.

I said no!


Oh, crap. I’m stuck. The zip’s bloody stuck.




What.        Oh, there you are. Quick, c’mere I’m stuck.

Seriously, get it off me, I can’t breathe…


OOOH, did you hear? DAN’s going to be there!

So? What’s that got to do with it?

Oh c’mon, everyone knows that he FANCIES YOU!

No, he doesn’t.


Yeah so they went out and she thought it went really well and everything but then Sarah saw him
with that girl from home, whats-her-name, the one he cheated on Kelly with. Yeah, her. And so
she sent him a message saying she wasn’t interested anymore, cos she heard from Ben that she


I mean, who wants to go out with a two-timing tosser like him? Exactly. She can do way better. He
had really bad teeth anyway, I wouldn’t even go NEAR him. Totally his loss.


Hey, Stace?


You know that black lacey top I bought last week?

                  The see-through one? That makes your boobs look big?


 I think I’ll just wear that.

Becs Mitchell

Becs Mitchell is a final year English Literature and French student. Playing about with typography, this piece is based on a conversation she overheard in the fitting rooms of Sheffield's H&M.