Issue #10

Let's Talk About the Weather

and flung their arms up to the sky

rejoicing in the thunderous downpour.

'It is such a beautiful day!'

He gathered his things

and set off for the journey of his life.

His pace quickened;

faster and faster

shooting straight through the

mist, fog, torrential rain

as they hindered him none.

He only ever felt so wonderfully


as this when the wind was

burning his cheeks

and setting his eyes on fire.

As he soared through the electric air,

bouncing through the clouds,

he felt energised.

It was as though he fed

on the thrashing of the wind

and the sizzling sparks of lightning

and the deep rumble of thunder.

And then

all of a sudden

a moment of horror.

The clouds parted

and the sun...

the sun shone through.

He looked at the dazzling rays

and felt as though someone

had turned him to stone.

Like a lead weight,

he hurtled downward

through the warmer, dryer air.

Plunging towards the ground,

he thought

'horrible weather today, isn't it?'

Jessi Walton

© 2014