Issue #10



We are the ultimate alarm clock,

and often feel the need to test the

tone, perfect the pitch, even vary the volume,

leaving the loudest for when you need it the

most, producing your very own personalized wake up call.

So personal, your own flesh and blood stir

with every scream we make, we are a part of you.

Yet we are still free, have not yet learnt of our roots,

or the story of how we sprung into this strange world,

and how we will be nourished, blossom and  grow into…


We are the ultimate terrors,

and take the challenge of living up to the “terrible twos” namesake

incredibly seriously, letting it permeate every tiny pore

of life.  Fighting, kicking and screaming- we will do almost anything

 to uphold our mighty reputation. If we perform spectacularly we

 hold out hope of achieving fame on “Supernanny” and eternalizing our youth

 forever, or at least until she teaches us right from wrong, and we become…


We are the ultimate superheroes,

It is true we definitely can fly, therefore nothing fazes us,

after all we have the power of imagination and that can defeat anything

placed in our path, everyone who is anyone knows that.

An infallible belief in magic produces astounding results.

If we believe enough, we can be anything we want to be,

fairytales and success stories are the dominant soundtracks of our

life. Our smiles, or failing that, sad faces and are poised ready for

any troublesome parents, and generally an aura of captivating charm and

innocence get us far in life until we become…


We are at best, enigmatic. We are happy, sad, lonely and free

all at once. Our belief in magic, magically disappeared. Our ability

to fly, most likely flew out the window, or if we were lucky turned into

the power of invisibility. Our childhood innocence starts

to deteriorate, novels are the only escape,

pages holding the magical past,

pages and pages,

inevitably moving us forwards into the unknown realms of…


Rosanna Milburn

© 2014