Issue #5

Perspective # 1

And trees and lakes and pictures willows weeping all conceit the bridge and under flows the tears of misted mornings mirrored to the sea the breeze whipping up like a truckload of feathers cawing in the air hung on the breeze an albatross cross at ease legs dangling hanging over the abyss the waves play the sea sure washing past the sun grey murky drowned sheets of surf beyond wire grass scrubland reaching for fortress land wastes of gates and borders concrete towers the town empty deserted to the wind the mists our tears the rooms empty of all but harbingers the shadows crying for a future not lost tossed never coming empty echo of a shallow place racing for the space at the end of time beyond the mists the trysts who wished a cry in the dark empty park swings swinging emptily at play this place the asphalt swallows feet engorged and coughs up missed under turf rushes in and the clocks clock stopped when the ticking ran away down into the grave where the river runs and the sun faraway beyond the veiled gaze whales for a time beyond a time passed a time other than the time which swallows whole the world hurled.

Elizabeth Pearl

[Liz is a masters student in the School of English.  This piece, influenced by the work of James Joyce, represents a study of an act of relinquishment]