Issue #5

Happy Happening

The feeling is the cloud a foggy lid different shapes interchange

The threat of rain suspending the gap in the lake

And so here it is, as a potential loops and catches the record

Pulling the plug on a drawing of a cuckoo (maybe)

Those short steps in time, at least, that take things we should do from within

A whirring fan, hands upon hands, everything lost wasting time

It’s so scary to bowl along blind, biting darkness for an answer

Against the old lamp, that unexpected passage that goes

Snip snip snip, its wholes parting to execute sensation

Graffiti wall, violet tongue

Somewhere between an institution and a flash in the pen

So we fall the fall of administration in the direction of our wound

Sky black confetti in the sky committing ourselves

A buried sleepless time like instinct steeped in a honey of history

As we repeat: How can I swallow if I can’t make a digest?

You took away my teeth, you giraffe-loving dentist!

A wrong turn has taken its hold

Walking inside the pavement to save time

Playing golf with the mind of a whole hog

I joined up your dots and drew myself an ellipse

Laughing, a basket of ways out of the situation

Sure the mud is thick in here but has not yet happened to make us happy

There! A history already rich in chance

Hiding in the lego blocks of the woods

Where all the Apache arrows direct you back to the wonder of your chest

Yes, you were all so keen it seemed so rubbish not to


[When it occurred to them, Ellen, George, Asha, Alex, Cat, Sam, Debbie, Rebecca, Jessica, Helen, Natasha, Eleanor, Katie, Rebecca, Sarah, Josephine, Mark, Tom and Ben were happy to put their names to this feeling ]

Ellen Bell, George Waite, Asha Rogers, Alex Saunders, Cat Cheese, Sam Newton, Debbie Mlejnecky, Rebecca Wilson, Jessica Mayes, Helen Ingram, Natasha Bell, Eleanor Andrew, Katie Lawson, Rebecca Jones, Sarah Tapscott, Josephine Gibbons, Mark Richardson, Tom Heginbotham, Ben Dorey