Issue #2

Nicotine Patches - 15mg a day

Oh, Magnificence radiant plunge my arm
Full skirted, gauzy and fluttering; the soared
May it puncture forever more?

Pallid mignonette and bitter-almost sense
That glides perforating thrusts upon the skin of
Prophylactic and synchronous discord

When shall cease the incessant itch and craving
On my tongue in cheek I may utter, heaving
As when the ravenous plunderer need more

‘A cigarette for one so poor?’ and I retort,
My pocket light with essentials I have flown
Often chains tackled, often taut

Azure the gastronomic flames into floods
Eased and shallow alert again once burning iris
To spy on her lighting him up

Desires still remaining unquenched I harbour
Buoyantly flittering upon the quayside
Of transcendence never bought

James Griffiths