Issue #2


An hour ago I was talking
Persian with mum in Tehran ,
and Avestan with dad in Shiraz .
Turkish with grandma in Istanbul
Just a few days ago.

Yesterday at 3:00 p.m.
Armenian with cousin Taline
in Ararat, two hours later
French with uncle Reza in Lyon .
I hadn’t recovered when Lisi called
from Linz and we went on German.

Tomorrow evening
auntie Rositta calls from Dubai ,
we talk Arabic and laugh.
And I will text Josephine soon,
and English is fair enough for us.

Now I am going to bed,
to seek silence and solitude
or speak with me,
as others might do.
And which is the language I use,
to understand what I tell me?
And to find out what me tells I …

dտ փê Lnü l-k نثاf d svcխթ …

Maryam Farahani