Issue #2


Suddenly too aware, as I
Make the acquaintance of the
Beer can on my window ledge;
A reminder of that inevitable girl
      From last night.

Frost seduces the nipple from under thin cotton,
Yet it was
Previously the sweet stale converge of lips
Which interpret your
Sad, beautiful eyes
For which thus far the smudged lipstick smile offers an alibi

Your last cigarette.
Stilettos crack the ice with every step.
That year it snowed.
A red scarf exchanged for a dirty secret
Whilst the
Black ash melts the crystals.

Clay Bear

Your static silence caught my eye.
I do not know what happened that day,
But you,
Indeterminably placed next to her ashes -
A glimmer of sadness crumbling from your
Painted eyes-

Daylight doesn’t shine on you now
It’s too late
Shoots and leaves are black and the wind sculpts
The backdrop for day break.
And you shall remain,
The clay bear
Next to her ashes.

Sarah Tapscott