Issue #11

Ignis (Joan of Arc)

Joan's hair falls, rises. Her body is a casket heaving against
earth. The spirit is secular. The feet are sustai ned. The
clavicles are flanges. Eyes are fixed plates. The spine is
perpendicular to a pyre. Her lips and cal ves are a festival of
meat. Her nipples. The lower ba ck-estuary. Her torso. The
chin and nostrils are pears. Ears are paper-thin. The inner
thighs are an archipe lago, cracked walnuts and a burning
chapel. Knee-ha lf-moons. The head and feet are poles.
Central Europ e is chest and ribcage. Her waistline assumes
the equ tor's width. The palms are the Americas and Asia. Fr

ance is the heart.

Joshua Lingard