Issue #11

Ghost song

the boy was a ghost the boy was
also a boy his skin was a ghost's skin the length of a
boy's skin it was not transparent and it was not
white there was no flesh beneath
it he had died and had not finished
dying like a download just half
done so that what he ended up with
was a song that was not the
full song the boy rattled often like a rabbit or a
hamster that had escaped its
cage he opened drawers nervously and
cupboards knocked over china and crockery he
haunted his loved ones the most who he
had struggled endlessly to forget they called in a ghost
finder who found no traces of
him of course they did not they were a dog
who followed grief for
bones the boy lived so long that he
watched everyone he had loved
die it was difficult to fall in love
again as a ghost he could
not touch anything or hold anything
or have anything but his own
song the unfinished song
the not complete
song it was a very animal
lyric it carried on

Joe Vaughan